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Following the disastrous Tsunami of 2004, disposing of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste become a major issue in the hard hit coastal belt of Sri Lanka. A large part of the debris from destroyed buildings, roads and infrastructure was deposited in environmentally sensitive areas. Demolitions of the ruins and the reconstruction of the building generated further C&D waste. In this situation, The COWAM (Construction Waste Management) project within the framework of the EU-ASIA  PRO ECO II B Post-Tsunami programme was initiated to manage C&D waste in Sri Lanka. The Galle municipal Council was selected as the beneficiary. Since the area was highly build up and had suffered major devastation. The aim was to provide the Galle area with practical situations for implementing a sustainable C&D waste management programme and for it to become a model for all the other local authorities in the country. 
The project funding period was completed at the end of July 2009. Now COWAM centre is operated under the direct supervision of Galle Municipal Council.  The centre offers jobs for local people and produces materials for the construction of local roads. It help to improve the quality of life in gallle.  
Sustainable Municipal roads construction with a reduction of the use of virgin construction materials, a reduction of C&D waste being sent to landfills, a reduction of illegal dumping and the promotion of local economic development can be identified as the other benefit of COWAM Project.  
In addition, COWAM Centre provides consultancy services on construction waste management. This is the only institution of this nature available in South Asia providing the services of consultation and training free of charge. The centre is situated at Walauwatta, Dadalla, Galle, Sri Lanka. 

Asst. Manager, COWAM Centre
0091 222 7285

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