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Martin Wickramasinghe_Galle
Martin Wickramasinghe Ancestral Home and Folk Museum
Discover the ancestral home of one of Sri Lanka's most renowned authors, the late Martin Wickramsinghe, at Koggala. His house is set in a large tree-filed grounds, and contains a fascinating archive of 70 years of his writing. Also set in the grounds  is an excellent Folk Museum, with a well labelled selection of household objects used by villagers of the area in a now bygone era.
Open Daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

''Sri Lanka is a little too small to have such large animals as elephants,''
Malcolm A. B. Jansen, senior environmental officer of the Mahaweli Economic Agency
NewYork Times June 20, 1987
National Museum of the Galle Fort
The small National Museum of Galle Fort is located on Church Street, inside the Fort, next to Amangalla. It houses a limited collection of exhibits from the Portuguese, Dutch and British periods including an original lace pillow with bobbins.
Open Tuesday to Saturday , 9 am to 5 pm , except on public holidays.
Maritme Museum Galle

Old Dutch Fruit Market
This fruit market is right opposite Marine Drive, just a ten minute walk out of the Fort and into the town.How to Discover Sri Lanka's natural heirtage.The hills and countryside surrounding Galle, harbour more than 70% of the country's biodiversity.There is 3 % of the world's frog species are found within a few hour's travel from Galle.
Bikke (Lake) Rainforest
A wonderful remnant forest which is beautifully preserved, only 3 km from Galle ,this urban forest can be accessed with permission from the Galle Municipal Council. This forest lake ecosystem is a vital habour for the biodiversity of Galle. It's a beautiful place where you can see large group of the endangered purple face leaf monkeys and birds congregating on rainforest trees.
Rumasssla Hill ( A part of Himalaya)
Ancient time a Hindu monkey called Hanuman, who came here to fight with the Sri Lankan king, Ravana and it was brought here from the Himalays by Hanuman according to local legend. Rumassala Hill-green is a headland before Unawatuna bay, you can find many medicinal plants  and birds.
Kottawa Rainforest
A visit to Kottawa will give you a glimpse of real rainforest. Enjoy a trek throuhg Kottawa, from its vines and lianas, to the mosses and ferns of the forest floor. Don't forget to take salt or bar of soap with you, to get rid of blood-sucking leeches.
Journey – about 30 minutes from Galle.
Visiting Kottawa with one of the knowledgeable naturalists is highly recommended.
Contact Greengalle Volunteers if you need naturalists. : Email :
Hiraye (Lake)Rainforest
(An Ancient water tank of the Galle )
The Hiyare forest reserve, a lush 600-acre picture-postcard rainforest, located only 17 km from the city.A low country tropical rain forest, Hiyare has a large man-made lake within its boundaries. Endemic species recorded at the Hiyare rainforest include the Sri Lankan Green Pigeon, Ceylon Rose, Two-spotted Threadtail, Black Ruby Barb, Sri Lankan Green Pit Viper and the Sri Lanka Purple-faced Leaf Monkey.

Whale Watching at Mirissa Bay and Weligama Bay
You can have find amazing whales nearby Galle road, Mirissa bay or through the Weligama bay.Mirissa is one of hotspot to looking blue whales and dolphins.If you like to tour above sites we can have arrange sober guides- Please contact greengalle team
All profits go towards our projects in Galle Municipal Council.
Light House Hotel Galle
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