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Galle Green  for create an interest for wildlife among the school children in Galle and the general public and work with dedication towards the conservation of the wildlife in the Galle city area. This project -concept is running network of organization such as Government unit, NGO's, Public ,Business Communities in Galle to archive a greencity Galle.
Galle at a Glance - Galle is the capital of the Southern Province in SriLanka, a quite town dreaming by the sea. Inside the Fort surrounded by Dutch ramparts life still moves leisurely at dusk when the offices and schools are closed and kindly ghosts move up and down in quite Galle fort town, and over the harbour under a moon whispers of the past on Ravana’s hills(Roomaslala) with beautiful green canopy.

Galle is a historically valued city which has high value of tourism and it is the capital of southern province of Sri Lanka. City consists of multi religious multi cultural and multi ethnic communities. The main sources of income  people of Galle city are trade, fishing, tourism, poultry farming,public & handy craft.The population of the Galle municipality is 112500 of which 51% are female and 49% are male. The growth rate of population is 0.75% and 16924 of households are available in the city. The City  having 29 Government Schools and 5 International Schools. The land area of the city is about 16.5km2 and it is bordered by the sea from south & southwest. The city is situated within the wet zone of the country with an average rain fall between 1525-1900 mm per year. Its daily temperature is between 28°C-30°C.Galle is greencity whole year with eco friendly enviornment.
The Vision of Galle City and its Municipality is "Building of moderate city through the supply of relatively increased utility services to the citizens who pay taxes”