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Nature Art
We wanted develop succesfull programmes to help researches to development ,experimentation and shares. We would like to sell researchers and their publish materials to gain our funds.
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The Study of the Faunal Diversity
In Galle District – Southern, Sri Lank

Fauna Diversity in Galle District - Case Study Ebook - Download Free
Research Team
Mr. Madhura de Silva (Team Leader/ Principal investigator)
Mr. Sameera Akmeemana (Fauna Ecologist)
Mr. C.K. Krishan Wewelwala (Field assistants & Photographic documentation)
Mr. Lasith Siriwardhana (Field assistants)
Mr. Nuwan Dhanushka (Field assistants)

Nature Photographs
We have Amazing Nature ,greencity,relief collection, Birds,Butterflies,Dragonflies,Snakes,Nature views,whales,sea.
All profit add to our fundrasing programs to Galle Green.